Hey guys!

Welcome to my favourite place online, my blog ‘Lauren Carmen’.

I have no idea where to start because how can you really get to know someone through a one page post? But I suppose I’ll have to just give it my best shot…

I am a 20-something South African, living in Joburg, trying to keep up with my endless list of interests (most of which you’ll find within the posts and pages of this magical space). So let me start from the beginning – because if you’re anything like me, you love a written story!

I was born in Durban and moved to Joburg when I was 8. I’ve always had a huge passion for acting, and when I was 11 my acting career took off with a featured role in ‘Skin’. Since then I’ve acted in a number of different things, all the while expanding my passions to create the Lauren Carmen you’ll see today.

I studied makeup artistry in 2015 at Kohl Makeup Academy, and thus my ‘makeup artist’ alter ego boomed and has allowed me to work on the beautiful Amanda Du-Pont, as well as a Shortstraw music video! (Both experiences were damn cool.)

If I’m not painting other people’s faces – or my own – then you can usually find me drooling over beautiful clothes I find online, or writing poetry (one of my favourite things to do), playing with my dogs (they’re so cute), or playing with my bunnies (they’re cute too), or watching Gilmore Girls, or eating dessert, or reading… I told you I had many interests!

As you can tell from what I’ve just said, there are a lot of parts that make up who I am as a whole. And basically this corner online is where I go to share the things that take up space in my mind, the way I see the world and everything that has a piece of my heart.

I hope that when you move through my blog, you’ll feel some sense of positivity and lightness. I’ve only ever wanted ‘Lauren Carmen’ to reflect what I’m trying to achieve – pretty much a feeling of peace and a lot of happiness – the world needs more of this. But please get in touch with me! I would really love to hear from the wonderful people who happen to read this.

All my love, Lauren